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How To Type Letters With Accents

Subject Technologist. Laura O'Brien. Otherwise, with the French keyboard layout, you'll find - among other changes - that the A and Q have switched places, W and Z have switched, and M is where the semi-colon used to be. In addition, numbers require the shift key. In order to use the French keyboard to type French accents, you need to select that keyboard layout. The layout of this keyboard is similar to QWERTY, making it somewhat simpler if that is what you are used to though I still believe that the international keyboard is better.

Typing accents on the Canadian French keyboard is fairly simple:. In order to use the Canadian French keyboard to type French accents, you need to select that keyboard layout. In order to use one of these alternate keyboard layouts, you need to add it to Windows. Once you've done this, you can either set it as your default keyboard or use alt plus shift to toggle between two or more layouts.

The way to do this is slightly different for each operating system.

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The best way to type accents on a PC is by using the international keyboard, which requires a simple control panel configuration - there is no keyboard to purchase or software to download. If you're really set against the international keyboard, you can type accented characters with ALT codes, which use the ALT key and a 3 or 4 digit code. So they won't work on a laptop unless you hit number lock to activate the number pad "built into" the right-side of your keyboard, which is a big hassle because then the letters won't work. Bottom line, if you're on a laptop, choose a different keyboard rather than messing around with ALT codes.

To type accents with ALT codes, hold down the ALT key, then on the numeric keypad type the three or four digits listed here.

Type French accents on a Mac

When you release the ALT key, the character will appear. To type accents on an Apple with the option key, hold down the option key while pressing the key s in bold in this list. Note: In these instructions, "and" means to keep holding the option key and the first key listed while typing the second.

To type any of the above as capital letters, add shift key to the first step. Right-click on the top bar and click on "Add to Panel," select and add "Character Palette.

French Characters On MacBook Keyboards

Left-click a character, then hold down Control Key and type V to insert it at the cursor position. Specify a particular unused key e. When I click on e and wait, I just get more es and no little box with accents. Thank you ever so much!!!!!!! You saved my nerves tonight. I was about to go completely crazy, as a proper French person ;.

This works for a small e but not for a capital E. Nice write up.

However, I find these keyboard combinations a bit clunky and using them slows down my typing. There is another option. Simply go into system preferences, keyboard, input sources and install the US International PC virtual keyboard. Now you can type French accents as follows:. John, Thanks for this guide. Very detailed! Merci bien! NO it does not work. I wish to use circumflex a. When I use Option-i, I get the accent.

How to Type French Accents on a Mac

When I release and type a, it types an a in a new space. The circumflex hangs in the air! If you are using mac depending on what you are doing you can just hold the letter that you want an accent on down and select the one you want. Also on some other computers you can change the keyboard to french computers like chromebooks. Great information. Can you help?

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I usually just do the latter. John, you are a God-send!!

Plus having won a whole host of brownie-points!!!! Many many thanks for putting us on the right track. This is really fantastic Have a great day et Merci encore. Finally a website that explain this whole process logically and helpfully! I might actually be able to write things in a more accurate fashion. Thank you ever so much!

Might I post a link to Facebook? Perhaps that is why. Thank you. I have found the grave key on my keyboard. It is between the left-shift and Z just left from the alt key. It works as advertised. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I have been searching for this key on my MacBook Air and never thought to look on the bottom left instead of the top left! It works great!

Type Accents: Mac

I have been trying to get this right for so long. Merci mille fois. No problem! I used this just now and for the past few years because running a site about French requires typing accents all day!