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GNU Licensed monospace Unicode font. Available in normal, italic, bold, and bold italic. GNU Licensed serifed Unicode font. Created for use with Biblical Greek. Available in normal and bold.

Contains a full complement of numerical symbols. Sans-serif font, designed to complement Trebuchet, and intended for web browser use. Paul Alecsandri : Freeware, Approval for commercial use. Modification of Bitstream Vera fonts. Version 2. Old Standard is based on Russian and German editions of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and reproduces the so-called "Modern" style, current in the 19th century.

Didot, Modern Porson , and Old Style fonts wi th ligatures. Fonts included with the Thessalonica text utility. Times-based design. Several fonts for symbols, including Ancient Greek and Byzantine Musical Notation; and Alexander, an 18th century style font, with ligatures.

Sans-serif font, available in Vista. TrueType fonts will install successfully on Linux; see the Corefonts project for one way of doing so.

We have excluded from this listing as impractical fonts which have only a partial implemetation of Greek Extended. There is some discussion of setup issues on our Font Configuration page. See also: James Kass' page detailing the current problems involved in Unicode display with Internet Explorer 5 and Netscape. Rourke's page on Unicode Greek on the Web for a demonstration and discussion of polytonic Greek Unicode. David Perry's Fonts for Scholars page, including discussion of issues specific to Unicode for Classics. Alan Wood's Unicode and Multilingual Resources. Simos Xenitellis' Greek Font Resources.

The Unicode Consortium home page for general information on Unicode. To guarantee optimal display, we use the precomposed Unicode polytonic combinations, where available Normalization Form C , rather than combining diacritics Normalization Form D. The two Unicode strings are definitionally entirely equivalent, and it is the Operating System's job to render the latter as the former. However, Greek polytonic does not follow the default behaviour for multiple diacritics; by default these stack on top of each other as in Vietnamese , whereas an acute or grave appears next to the breathing mark.

Since polytonic Greek is a relatively low priority in the computer industry, and the proper handling of Unicode diacritics is still incipient requiring sophisticated font engines like OpenType still not widely available , it is safer to use the precomposed characters. In this, the TLG differs from Perseus , which formerly used combining diacritics it now allows both options.

Other fonts Aristarcoj, Palatino Linotype, Porson currently reject the combining diacritics, and will not display them properly. By using precomposed characters, by contrast, TLG texts are not viewable in Lucida Sans Unicode, but are viewable rather better for all but non-canonical diacritic combinations in all the fonts listed above.

Note that the underlying representation of the text, when the TLG converts its texts to Unicode, is still likely to have separate diacritic characters Normalization Form D , for reasons of internal processing. MacOSX is more insistent than other operating systems on true boldface or italic versions of fonts being available; whereas other operating systems 'fake' italic or boldface by slanting or thickening the font, MacOSX will either ignore the style command, or switch to a different font which has the style available. In the preceding list, styles other than the default plain are indicated.

The repertoire of characters required to support TLG text display is still inconsistent from platform to platform and from font to font.

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As will be noted, different fonts have different coverage, and users will have to compromise between aesthetics and coverage in picking their font. The two do not inherently go together! The latter, though nominally Chinese punctuation, includes the double square brackets [4, ]4 deletion brackets , which occur around times in the corpus. Character sets and browsers may have difficultly finding many of these characters; however, the problem is not Unicode's in such instances, and it would be improper to devise workarounds such as, for example, displaying double brackets as [[ ]] while work is continuing on fully implementing Unicode standards.

Note also that some systems notably MacOSX are quite good at retrieving symbols from different fonts if the current selected font does not have the required character.

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Because the recent additions to Unicode are incorporated in very few fonts, we have divided our listing into pre-Unicode 4. Pre-Unicode 4. The TLG-proposed capital lunate sigma has been included in Unicode 4.

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Beta code does not preserve numerical symbol case. TTF font file is right-clicked in Windows Explorer.

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Amongst other things, these extensions provide statistics on the number of glyphs and on the Ranges and Code Pages that are supported. The following list of large Unicode fonts is probably not comprehensive, it is just the ones that I have acquired with various operating systems and applications, or found while learning about Unicode from the Web.

It does not include Unicode fonts from commercial suppliers. Not all of the characters in a given range will always be present in a font; you can use a utility such as Babel Map to see exactly which characters are included.