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DD: It seems like a lot of slab culture is passed down by oral tradition through the O. PW: Man! He going to LOVE that you said that! But, Texas Ed is my homeboy. We grew up together. He lived in a neighborhood next to mine. When I was in high school, he was one of the ones riding slab, so he was one of the forefathers before me who showed me how to do it. Drop a few of your favorite lines and talk to me about them. PW: With that song I wanted to do a flip on word play. First of all, I thought that beat was just jamming so hard and I was like whatever I do to this, I better not fuck up this jamming beat.

But other than that it, the hook kept coming to me. There is no lottery ticket, where you never have to work again. My dream car is whatever the newest Cadillac is. It was just something different I wanted to do. PW: For one, it is something that is ours in Houston.

The greatest things to me in the world are the most local things. You know when you go to certain areas of the world and they got that cuisine? There is nothing like eating a cheese steak in Philly, there is nothing like going to Louisiana and eating some creole food or Cajun food, and there is nothing like going to Texas and eating some Tex-Mex. With these types of things the localized aspects of it are always the best. That sense of Texas pride is instilled in you when you come from Texas.

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Everybody is so Texas proud. They just teach you that sense of pride in Texas, so our car culture is no different. Same thing with my car, I know my car looks good. There are definitely things I should improve, but I know my shit is clean. How has this so-called language barrier affected you?


PW: What the critics have said has been one of the main obstacles of Texas artists achieving super main stream success. We all made it to that level. But since he spoke in English, we understood what he was saying.

So our culture is like speaking Russian. DD: I love how you brought that up. You transport the Houston sound to other regions. Kazcor will be excited about that. This is my dream job. Growing up in Houston, a lot of us never left the neighborhood. I have friends who still, have never left the North Side of town or the South Side of town. Everyone laughs ] The first time he left the South Side is probably when we went out of town somewhere. The Polish flag and the Texas flag are a lot similar.

The only difference I think is the star. So I always wondered if my fan base in Poland was big because the flag is kind of similar. We find excuses or reasons to associate with people for whatever reason. So anyway, a guy I know grew up in Russia, but he moved to Chicago, then he moved to Milwaukee, and then when the recession hit, he and his family moved back to Poland.

He wanted to have a dope concert and he was homesick. Poland is dope. Some parts of Europe, they speak English, but in Poland, nobody spoke English. But man, I was inspired by their Hip Hop scene over there. The first time I went, Kazcor, had beef at the time with another rapper, and he performed right before me, and his whole performance was like 50 Cent at Summer Jam, bringing out a blow up doll, doing skits, all related to his beef with another Polish rapper. I was like damn; the beef history of Hip Hop is traveling.

I was inspired by that. They had their own producers out there; rappers, rap scene, rap culture, and DJs and none of them were at all familiar with what was going on in America. Whose idea was that?


Of course I knew who Blink was, but I met both of them and they were both cool as a fan. After that, I started researching more of their music and got familiar with it and it was dope. The event, which kicks off Grammy Week, will find producers, engineers and other professionals gathering at the historic Village Recorders in Los Angeles to pay tribute [ Braun is the founder of SB Projects, a top tier management company whose [ Lori Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, entered not guilty pleas on Friday to the three-count indictment against them in the college admissions scandal.

Loughlin and Giannulli had previously pleaded not guilty to two charges of fraud and money laundering. Federal prosecutors added a third count of federal programs bribery in an indictment returned on [ Close Menu.

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Leap Motion launched its groundbreaking motion detection module on Monday, allowing anyone to connect a little box to their Mac or Windows computer that. Vinyl continues to be a growing music industry niche that refuses to bow to the propaganda of technological determinism.

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