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C bridal makeup kit price and jot down pointers. It all begins from your face. Your face is the first thing they will see apart from your outfit. For all those who are unaware of what a primer is and what it does for your skin, let us help you through. A primer acts as an external layer between your skin and the makeup. It is an essential add-on in your M. C bridal makeup kit price. It helps in keeping your makeup stay in place for longer.

It also nourishes your skin by making your skin surface smooth. By using one you can even out your skin tone as well. The right primer will help you fight an oily and dry skin and make your face look more radiant. Next in line is a foundation. Foundation is a skin-coloured liquid that is applied to face for an even tone and complete coverage. C bridal makeup kit price will ever be complete unless and until you have a foundation that seals the deal. The foundation helps cover blemishes, flaws, skin marks and often times to change the colour of the skin tone.

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It is like that external layer of coat that helps polish your skin and make it ready for what is to come next. Key is to go for a colour palette which is closest to your skin tone so that it imparts a more natural look and doesn't look over the top. Contouring Kits are used to define your facial features. It adds definition to your face by having your nose, jawline and cheekbones.

If you always wanted to have a sculpted face? This is your cue. Contouring helps when you want to add detailing to your makeup. You can pick a palette that is closest to your skin tone and start by marking your nose, forehead, jawline, cheekbones and collar bones.

Blend them well and voila! Sadly, thanks to our millennial lifestyle and overtly polluted environment outbreaks, pimples and acne are always one step away. To fight these what do you need? The right shade of concealer. A good concealer will help you enhance the blemishes of your skin and to even out your skin tone.

There are multiple types of concealers available in the market and for each problem area. You can choose from an array of concealers for your eye, under eye, face etc. Now that you have some of the essentials covered its time to put that bling on it.

A shimmery highlighter will add a sparkly tone to your makeup. Highlighting pigments and bronzers attract light and thus leading to a brighter and more fuller face. It is almost like adding that extra layer of finesse and sparkle to make your face pop.

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You can apply it to define your cheekbones, a little above your eyebrows, brow bone to bring attention to your fine eyebrows. Also called rouge or blushers, it is a cosmetic that reddens the cheeks. We all love a bride who has flushed cheeks. You may or may not have a chiselled face. But, you can always get one. Research a fit before you invest in a product. When applying a blush, a lot depends on your technique than the product.

Blot your blush with a tissue and not powder. Trust us its a makeup tip you will truly thank us for. Most of the heavy building is done and dusted and now you only have to seal what was done so far. How to do that? With a compact powder.

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With this handy and easy to carry around cosmetic, you will ace your makeup game and slay! Compact helps in setting and holding your makeup in place. Use a powder based product and gently apply it to seal the deal. A Nandini Advani. We spend a lot of money on buying products to keep our skin moisturised. But, what about our lips? To maintain the softness and plumpness of lips it is essential you nourish it with a lip balm with has the right ingredients to do so. Lip Balms have a wax-like substance within them which gets rid of chapped and dry lips.

No brides would ever want to wake up with chapped lips.

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Would they know? No good lipstick will ever do full justice to the beauty of a woman unless it is supported with a matching lip liner. A lip liner is a tinted colour stick with helps create an outer shape for your lips within which you can fill in with lipstick. Lip Liners help the lipstick to stay put and exempts them from bleeding out. Using a lip liner prolongs the wear for any lip colour. C mac combo eyeliner sketch pen p..

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C makeup kit pack of five Set o.. C makeup kit 8 in 1 Set of 8 Price Rs. C pure matte liner pen pack of C offers some of its classics in tote-able and airport-friendly size of 30ml or less, starting at INR C reverberates as one of the most desirable cosmetic brands globally. With the introduction of Little M. C exclusively on our platform, we are making this new affordable range accessible to hundreds of thousands of women in the country. Myntra is fast becoming a destination for Beauty and Personal Care, and we are targeting to grow this category 10x in 10 months.

C Cosmetics are delighted to partner with Myntra. C is the prestigious makeup leader in India and with this association, we are pleased to further expand our footprint and reach out to a larger consumer base across India. This business collaboration with Myntra will help in realizing our vision of making M.

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