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Automatically analyzes and cleans up your music library with one click. Manually tag your music, change cover art. Backup and restore your iTunes Library. MediaMonkey is one of the best music organizer software to meet your needs. The application is a fully integrated music player, organizer, and encoder that enables you to play audio files of almost all popular audio file formats. The developers regularly upgrade the software for its proper functionality and sophistication. The latest version is 4. Main Features: Fix Tags with automatic lookup and tagging of album art, lyrics and other information.

Create and manage playlists with ease. Tunes Sweeper is the essential iTunes music organizer software which enables you to find and remove duplicate tracks in your iTunes library. Tune Sweeper scans iTunes for duplicate tracks based on your preferred search criteria, such as matching track names, artist, and album. It will then choose one version to keep and the unwanted files will be marked for removal.

All you need do then is simply confirm the files you wish to keep, following which all your unwanted duplicates will be magically removed and your music library cleaned. Optionally, tracks removed from iTunes are backed up for safe keeping. Main Features: Quickly find and remove duplicates in iTunes. Automatically download missing artwork. Remove tracks in iTunes that are no longer on your computer.

The Best Music Management Software for Windows 10

Find tracks on your computer not listed in iTunes. Download missing or incorrect track details. Free download Leawo. Download Download. How to Organize iTunes Library. Part 1. How to Delete Duplicate Songs Part 2. How to Add Album Artwork Part 3. Top 5 Music Organizer Software Recommended. The program provides 2 duplicate scanning modes: Quick Scan mode and Deep Scan mode. Select one of them to scan duplicate songs. The program would display all duplicates clearly and suggest what to remove.

After automatic fixing, the program would display Unrecognizable Songs if there exist. The software scans the songs automatically. The program fixes all music tags and provides a preview. They were the best candidates to be our light music player and organizer, satisfying avid audiophiles for daily listening. They aren't the best for managing music files ripping, converting, tagging , but they often have unique advantages over bulkier programs depending on your tastes and needs. There are also basic and further stripped down music players that either didn't make the cut for the main review or don't fit the review criteria.

They are listed in order of impressiveness for sound enhancements, usability and unique features, support for music formats, state of development, performance and security. Winamp Lite : I recommend the separate lite download you have to scroll to the bottom of the download page since the lite installer doesn't have the controversial OpenCandy, but it still has a pre-checked option to send off your usage stats.

Privacy issues aside just be sure to carefully inspect all the installation options , it plays an impressive number of audio formats for such a lightweight and resource efficient player, and mimics the wide array of options and feature richness of the full version. It lacks a library for organizing music unless you already have the full version and use the 'Winamp classic' skin.

Quick tip: save your eyes and use 'Double Size' from the options. Additionally, Winamp Media players will no longer be available for download. Please download the latest version before that date". It didn't support my primary music format FLAC , but the site has many additional 'native input plug-ins' that expand XMPlay's compatibility. The negatives: a scattered interface with many independent components may not be to your taste, and the random play feature didn't work random play only worked for me by manually right-clicking the play button each time, which I would only do to test whether it works.

Portable installation, very lite download. Spider Player : Solid 'middle weight' music manager and player. It uses the trustworthy BASS engine, has many impressive enhancements 32 bit output, DSP effects support, 9-band equalizer and many presets, cross fading and music managing tools CD ripper, converter.

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One of the most interesting capabilities is an auto lyrics down loader, which displays lyrics in a pane next to your play list you can manually save lyrics to tags , and an Internet radio player and recorder. If only it came with a library organizer it could have been a contender. And I couldn't pretend that a 'favorites editor' was good enough since I ran into error messages with it.

The Pro version is now free and unlocks many extra features mentioned above. VUPlayer : Plays many audio formats and has a simple and user friendly interface though some of the icons seem outdated. In the forum some users report that it works in Windows 7. But it hasn't been updated since it uses an old BASS library version and has 1 moderately critical Secunia advisory related to opening un-trusted play list files.

Alternatives to iTunes: 5 Best Free Music Players for Mac OS X

Winyl : Refreshingly simple and lite BASS player that is well worth watching for future improvements. For now it has a few basic enhancements 32 bit processing, equalizer and tools tag editing. More interesting is the care that went into its design. The library comes with long lists of radio stations and a few 'smartlists'. The smartlists automatically display your most played or highest rated songs, and you can create additional smartlists. The 6 skins that come with it are diverse and useful to fit your taste.

To further please music fans, Winyl needs to work on additional sound enhancements and play options I'd also like a random play option or perhaps better play list access. Here are music managers and players that are impressive enough for a quick mention, but not quite enough to get featured in the review:.

Quintessential Media Player qmp had great potential, but testing was mired by equally great difficulty in finding a FLAC plug-in. Otherwise, it surprised me with a small download size, a thorough MusicID updater, and feature richness. Massively edits tags, renames files, and writes MusicID info to tags or updates its library info from tags. It has flashy visualizations, three mode sizes, and automatic online radio lists. It has many features to help build and manage your media library.

Rip, Convert, Record, and Burn all in one program.

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Use countless auto play lists the most I've seen, but some are based on tags you must create in its library, view a simple lyrics windows, get radio stations many languages , browse to music stores and fan sites from within the player, and choose between several unique skins. Other negatives: limited tag editing, no 32 bit output capability in the free version, and 1 'less critical' Secunia advisory and four past advisories in a previous version.

Songbird : An open source, refreshingly simple interface that highly integrates to Internet resources like a browser integrating many Mozilla Firefox features. One advantage is the ability to expand and customize it through add-ons, but the underlying interface is still the most bulky and inefficient of all tested music players nearly as heavy as Firefox and getting heavier all the time. The application has not been updated for some time and it is still pointing to the old website which is no longer available.

Winamp Full has privacy concerns and now includes the controversial OpenCandy in its installer. Read its privacy policy to see if you agree with its automated data collection of non-personal information some of which you can only opt out of by hiding or not using certain features. Privacy concerns and nags aside, the program is popular and professional with excellent support for many music file formats, good integration with Internet resources, and top-notch library and music organizing features it's somewhat incorporated as the media library in The KMPlayer.

Some of these have fans, but didn't impress me in comparison to other players in the review. The quick negatives beside each aren't comprehensive comments; visit the respective sites for plenty of positives. Listed alphabetically. Occasionally I see claims that a particular piece of software has superior sound quality, and I too would want the player with the best sound quality regardless of its features or lack thereof.

How To Organize And Manage Your Music Library!

It's difficult to rule out wishful thinking and inexact comparisons until you try out many players on your sound system to judge for yourself. I've opened music players side by side, gone through their settings to ensure equivalence, and found that it's seemingly impossible to detect sound quality differences on the sound equipment that came with my computer Foobar's FAQs and forum posters make this argument as well.

However, Gizmo noted in some of the first comments on this article that sound enhancement plug-ins, such as ASIO, have a noticeable improvement in sound quality on expensive equipment.

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Note that your sound card must support higher output settings, or the settings could degrade sound quality. And if you maximize the settings on your sound card, then music players will use significantly higher system resources. The lightest player above was measured as an MP3 player and is included because no other product did better as an MP3 player. By the way, mini player modes and tray icon modes that shrink or hide the visual size of a player's interface don't decrease the consumption of system resources, but some players have graphics that subside when the player loses focus resource hungry visualizations were disabled for this comparison.

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