Password protect word document mac os x

Password protect macOS documents

There is a disabled menu option named Change Password but there seems to be no way to enable it. However, there is a command line utility which that can be used instead. Open a terminal by navigating to Launchpad and finding the Terminal application. The Microsoft Office suite has many applications and there are varying degress of password protection support.

The docx format for Microsoft Office applications is essentially a compressed set of xml files.

The plain text of an unprotected Microsoft Word document is easily found unzipping the docx file. However, once a document is password protected it seems to be encrypted. The file command in macOS shows the different types. Whereas unzipping an unprotected file yields a number of plain text files.

Word (Mac) - How to password protect and encrypt a document

This would seem to suggest that strong AES bit encryption is being used. The protection option for Microsoft Word is in the Tools menu. Select Tools then Protect Document to show the password set dialogue box.

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The first section of the Password Protect dialogue box is fairly easy to understand. Enter a password to open the document to prevent anyone from opening it. You can then optionally set a password to modify the document. If a person has only the first password then they will only be able to read the document and not modify it.

Password protect a document in Word for Mac

If you check this box then people opening the document will see the following message. They can simply click No and open the document in modification mode so it has limited value from a security standpoint. However, if you have specified a modification password then this message will not appear. Unlike macOS applications, Microsoft Word does not require you to enter the current password to change or remove an existing password. There are two different concepts of protection with Microsoft Excel. Password protecting the file from being opened is a different process and there is some overlap in the settings.

The differences are this:. To apply workbook or sheet protection, select the Tools menu and then the Protection item will allow you to select between the two options.

Password Protecting and Encrypting MS Word Files (Mac) | Technology Services

Password protecting the entire workbook from changes is fairly straightforward. Enter a password and you can optionally check boxes to specify protection for the structure of the document and also the window sizes. The options to protect a specific sheet are more granular.

By default, users can only select cells, but you can choose to enable further permissions by selecting the applicable checkboxes. If a user attempts to perform a disallowed action the following message is displayed. The same options found in Word to provide different passwords for editing and modification, as well as recommending read-only, are available. To change the workbook or sheet protection click the Tools menu, select Protection and then click the desired Unprotect option. To change the opening password, select the Passwords option from the File menu.

You can remove or change the password in the resulting dialogue box. There are only two options to protect a Microsoft PowerPoint document; protect from opening and protect from modification.

Unlike the other Microsoft Office apps, the Passwords option in the File menu uses the word encrypt instead of password. A password protected PowerPoint file is an encrypted file. To change or remove the password on a Microsoft Power Point document, return to the File menu, select Passwords , and then change or remove the password. Within that export dialogue box is an option to set a password that will be required to open the PDF file.

OpenOffice also stores documents in a compressed file and unzipping it reveals the contents. The plain text of an unprotected Text document is stored in context. Once password protected, the main file can still be unzipped but the content. The settings to password protect an OpenOffice Text document are contained in the save dialogue. Check the Save with password option.

You can set separate passwords for opening and modifying by selecting the More Options button. Ensure the Save with password checkbox is enabled and click the Save button. This will display the password set dialogue box in which you can change the password. If you wish to remove the password, uncheck the Save with password option before clicking the Save button.

The Tools menu of OpenOffice Spreadsheet contains two options to protect either just the current sheet or the entire document. There are a few selectable options when protecting a specific sheet, but when protecting the whole document there is just an all-or-nothing to require a password to open the document. The options to protect the workbook from opening at all are the same as described in the OpenOffice Text section.

Those settings are contained in the Save menu. Changing the password on an OpenOffice Spreadsheet uses the same process as changing the password on an OpenOffice Text document. Checking the Save with password option in the File Save dialogue will open up a dialogue window to set a password.

Presentation only supports one level of password to open the file. There is no separate password to allow editing. Re-saving the document with the Save with password option checked will show the set password dialogue each time. Please help me on this.

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Can find the below screenshot for reference. Posted on Feb 20, Feb 21, 9: Page content loaded. Feb 21, 1: Feb 21, 3: You can set that value to Immediately, 5 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, or 8 hours. This way, if someone you live with or a friend or whomever comes up on your computer after you've walked away from it, if they don't know your password and they shouldn't , they can't access any of your files or programs and screw around. How to password protect a word document in my MAC pro.

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