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Jul 3, PM. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Richard Fitzer Richard Fitzer. I reinstalled CS2 and the problem continues. I am running OS Any suggestions? More Less. All replies Drop Down menu.

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Loading page content. I haven't seen anything like that before. If anyone can help that will be great. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: roadeater1 roadeater1. All my other app are fine.

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See my thread in the main thread list. User profile for user: another new convert another new convert. Just a thought! User profile for user: Kurt Griffith Kurt Griffith. Apr 13, PM in response to another new convert In response to another new convert Have you applied the adobe update to Photoshop Cs 2,so that your application version is 9. I think the top upgrade for CS2 is 9. Photoshop had become wildly unstable since an upgrade from One re-install of PS and uninstall of Version Que do not seem to have solved the problem.

I have allocated approx GB of Ram allocated for photoshop. Perhaps a kind person with alot of Mac expertise out there will know! Wish you good luck with it. Welcome page What is a Wiki Site? How to edit pages? How to join this site?

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Details in this post. Crashes when audio samples are used which is easily half of the intended use of the program Abyssoft teleport 1. Will not work if your software is compiled in 64 bits mode.

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Currently in beta version. Used by Accordance Bible Software 8. The 'Create PDF' action works only for items not requiring an app based file e. Blogs are out there to help JRun instances get back, but not for standalones. Cannot do a fresh install in SL, the installer app will not run. Launches under Rosetta. Applications appear to work, but there may be some glitches. PS gets slower and slower the longer you work in it. May require installing Java 1. Adobe Lightroom 2. Seems to work OK. Program error message pops up once after you open.

After restoring from Time Machine app gives a licence error. Clean install works perfectly! App promptly crashes. Adobe Reader 9. AdWords Editor 7. Get Afloat. Show context menu and choose "Show package contents". Age of Empires 2 1. AirPhones 2. Aperture 3.

Gives only an inaccurate signal reading. Apimac Secret Foldder 7. Apple iDVD 7. Apple iPhoto 6. Quite sluggish in operation too since "upgrade" Apple Numbers 2. Use apple support file to remove 3. Not all plugins tested. Aqua Data Studio 7. May require new license purchase. Ascent 1. Audio Hijack 2. Audiobook Builder 1. Cover Art is drawn properly in the final Project output. Audiobook Maker 0. But should be easy to fix. Bank X 4. Need to quit and restart the program with the 3G USB modem plugged in for it to detect the device.

Billable 1. Billings 3. Had to reinstall. Works except for screensaver; screensaver will be fixed in version 6. Move library to another Books cataloging app. BookSmart 2. Bowlet disappears after waking up your Mac. Box Shot 3D 2. Eventually quits back to desktop. May be an update, have not checked.

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Clear caches, access hidden OS X settings, much more. Caffeine 1. Some anecdotal evidence that it doesn't work. Selecting images on the camera works, but is very tedious since each image needs to be individually downloaded. CanoScan Toolbox 5. CaptainFTP 6. Carrara 6. See link for work around. However, a workaround is available to access networks protected with the Clean Access Agent. Cisco Clean Access Agent 4. Reinstall following snow leopard install.