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The Mac version includes the EnergyPlus simulation engine and an interface to select input files and run a simulation.

Using the Console on macOS Sierra and later

If you have a virtual Windows machine on your Mac using VM Fusion or Parallels or similar , you may wish to also install the Windows version of EnergyPlus in order to access the additional utilities as needed. Skip to main content.

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Double-click the installer package to start the installation process. Follow the on screen prompts of the installation program.

IT Services

The main application will be installed in the EnergyPlus folder within the Applications folder. I probably use Grab once a year, but it does come in handy.

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The current version of QuickTime Player lacks all sorts of features that the older version still supports, so Apple allows it to kick around in the Utilities folder. After all, it could be worse. Can we graph it?

A Breakdown of the Hidden CoreServices Folder in macOS

Yes we can. Disk Utility is essential. I use Activity Monitor constantly.

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Although some adjustments can be made to partitions without loss of data, not all adjustments can. And, of course, you should always have a backup before mucking with your disk. Use First Aid to verify and if necessary repair an ailing drive. To use it, select a volume icon in the list on the left and then click the First Aid button in the upper-left corner of the Disk Utility window.

Go have a cup of coffee or something — the process takes minutes for most disks. DMG files. When you format a disk, you erase all information on it permanently.

OSX Internet Recovery How To

If the data is critical, you should have at least two or even three known-to-be-valid backup copies of that disk before you reformat. Formatting a disk using many of these options can cause Mac software to misbehave. A drive can be connected but not available to your Mac. This is called an unmounted disk. Click the Info button to see myriad technical details about the selected disk, including its size, capacity, and free and used space.

How to Find Your Way on your Mac Computer’s Utilities Folder

A quick, visual math instructor, Grapher can graph equations in two or three dimensions and speaks hexadecimal, octal, base ten decimal , and binary to boot. You can even graph curves, surfaces, inequalities, differential equations, discrete series, and vector and scalar fields … whatever that means.

A keychain is a way to consolidate your passwords — your Mac login password, your email password, and passwords required by any websites. Keychain Access is the application you use to manage those passwords.

Quickly navigate to the Utilities folder

Rest assured that your passwords are secure because only a user who has your keychain password can reach the other password-protected applications. The Keychain Access utility is particularly cool if you have multiple email accounts and each one has a different password. Just add them all to your keychain, and you can get all your mail at the same time with one password.

A special master keychain called the Login Keychain is created automatically for every macOS Mojave user and unlocked automatically when you log into your account. How do you know which programs support the Keychain Access utility? Instead, the first time you visit a site that requires an account name and a password, Safari asks whether you would like to save your password, and then it does so.